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The Year of the Villain
BONNIE & CLYDE, A New Musical

October  14th - 29th, 2016

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
When Bonnie and Clyde meet, their mutual cravings for excitement and fame immediately set them
on a mission to chase their dreams. Their bold and reckless behavior turns the young lovers'
thrilling adventure into a downward spiral, putting themselves and their loved ones in trouble with
the law. Forced to stay on the run, the lovers resort to robbery and murder to survive. As the
infamous duo's fame grows bigger, their inevitable end draws nearer.

September  16th - 25th, 2016

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
On Halloween night,  when three modern-day kids decide to trIck or treat at the old “Crane House,”
they are magically transported right into the middle of the classic tale of Ichabod Crane, Brom
Bones, Katie Van Tassel, and – of course – the Headless Horseman! Lots of spooky and hilarious
moments in this far-out time travel tale, as the three kids cope with life in 1790,  goblins, and how to
find their way back home.

December 9th - 18th, 2016

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
This Christmas musical revue follows a technology addicted family on Christmas Eve deal with a
power outage. With no electricity they are forced to actually talk to each other. As Grandma, Mom,
and Dad share stories of how families entertained each other in the past the audience is taken back
in time to the entertainment of years gone by. Radio shows, early TV shows, storytelling, variety
shows, to current competition shows. When the power returns the family has discovered they don't
need all their electronic toys to have fun and unite in the finale.
CHICAGO, The Musical

January 20th - 29th, 2017

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
Nightclub sensation Velma (Catherine Zeta-Jones) murders her philandering husband, and
Chicago's slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), is set to defend her. But when Roxie (Renée
Zellweger) also winds up in prison, Billy takes on her case as well -- turning her into a media circus
of headlines. Neither woman will be outdone in their fight against each other and the public for fame
and celebrity.

February 24th - March 5th, 2017

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
SCHOOL OF ROCK is a brand new musical based on the famous Paramount film written by Mike
White, which starred Jack Black. The musical follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who
decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school.
Completely disinterested in academic work, Dewey decides to create his own curriculum, turning his
class into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. The stage musical on
Broadway is produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has composed 14 new songs to create a
score, which also features all of the original songs from the movie. SCHOOL OF ROCK, with its
sensational live kids’ rock band, is a loving testimony to the transforming power of music. May the
spirit of rock be with you!

June 2nd - 11th, 2017

Tickets: Adult $13 & Senior / Student $11
In the Baptist backwoods of the Bible Belt, the beleaguered Turpin family proves that living and
dying in the South are seldom tidy and always hilarious. Despite their earnest efforts to pull
themselves together for their father's funeral, the Turpin's other problems keep overshadowing the
solemn occasion: Firstborn Ray-Bud drinks himself silly as the funeral bills mount; Junior, the
younger son, is juggling financial ruin, a pack of no-neck monster kids, and a wife who suspects him
of infidelity in the family car; their spinster sister, Delightful, copes with death as she does life, by
devouring junk food; and all the neighbors add more than two cents. As the situation becomes
fraught with mishap, Ray-Bud says to his long-suffering wife, "When I die, don't tell nobody. Just
bury me in the backyard and tell everybody I left you." Amidst the chaos, the Turpins turn for
comfort to their friends and neighbors, an eccentric community of misfits who just manage to pull
together and help each other through their hours of need, and finally, the funeral.
OLIVER, The Musical

May 5th - 21st, 2017

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
Bringing Charles Dickens’ beloved novel to life, Lionel Bart’s Oliver! takes audiences on a wild
adventure through Victorian England. Join young,orphaned Oliver Twist as he navigates the
London’s underworld of theft and violence, searching for a home, a family, and - most importantly -
for love. When Oliver is picked up on the street by a boy named the Artful Dodger, he is welcomed
into a gang of child pickpockets led by the conniving, but charismatic, Fagin. When Oliver is falsely
accused of a theft he didn’t commit, he is rescued by a kind and wealthy gentleman, to the dismay
of Fagin’s violent sidekick, Bill Sykes. Caught in the middle is the warm-hearted Nancy, who is
trapped under Bill’s thumb, but desperate to help Oliver, with tragic results. With spirited, timeless
songs like “As Long as He Needs Me,” “Food, Glorious Food,” and “Where is Love,” Oliver! is a
musical classic.
PETER PAN, Broadway's Timeless Musical

July 28th - August 6th, 2017

Tickets: Adult $16 & Senior / Student $13
Flying boy Peter Pan and his fairy companion Tinkerbell encounter Wendy and her brothers when
flying through London searching for Peter’s shadow. When Wendy helps Peter sew it back on, he
offers to take them all to his home in Neverland where they meet the Lost Boys and encounter the
evil Captain Hook. The conflict between Peter and Hook takes center stage as the magical
adventure turns dangerous and teaches everyone the true power of friendship.