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Chicago - Auditions

Monday October 24, 6:30-10 and Tuesday October 25, 6:30-10.
Callbacks (if needed) Thursday October 27, 6:30-?

Performance dates: January 20-22, 27-29, 2017
Rehearsals will begin November 1st and will take place 3-4 times per week
Book by Fred Ebb & Bob Fosse, Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb by special arrangement
with Samuel French, Inc.
Auditions will be held on October 24 and 25. Registration is at 6:30 and auditions begin promptly at
7:00. Callbacks will be held on October 27th.
Auditions are open to anyone 16 years of age and older. This will be a closed audition process.

Vocal Auditions
Please be prepared to sing 16-32 bars of a song from the show. Some roles require a specific song
from the show. Please refe...r to vocal audition information and Lead Role sections below. We ask
that you bring a CD, or music on your electronic device for accompaniment. The CD or music track
may not contain any vocals. Everyone will take part in the vocal auditions.

Please note the specific vocal auditions are required for the following roles. All other roles may sing
any song from the show.
Velma Kelly – All That Jazz starting at measure 109 to the end
Billy Flynn – All I Care About Is Love
Roxie Hart – Any Roxie number
Matron “Mama” Morton – When You’re Good To Mama
Mary Sunshine – A Little Bit Of Good
Amos – Mister Cellophane

Dance Audition
Proper dance attire is required. It is important that your audition attire not restrict your movement
and allow the casting committee to view your dance form. No jeans or baggy clothing. Everyone will
be expected to take part in the dance auditions.

Women are required to wear character shoes with a 1 ½ inch heel or higher. Proper attire for
women includes any of the following: leotard, dance trunks, sports bra, shorts, or t-shirt that is not
overly baggy.

Men are encouraged to wear proper dance footwear i.e., jazz shoes. Proper attire for men includes
any of the following: jazz pants, t-shirt that is not overly baggy, tank, shorts, athletic pants, sweats
that are not overly baggy.

Acting Audition
Readings from the show will be provided at the audition. The casting committee will ask that you
read a scene with other actors auditioning. You may be asked to read more than once or for parts
that you have not specified on your audition sheet. Everyone will take part in the acting audition.

In addition to the membership and participation fee, the cast will be responsible for purchasing
certain costume pieces. Due to the costume requirements for the show, women will be responsible
for purchasing black dance trunks, black bra, black tights, and black character shoes with a 1 ½
heel or higher.

If you are under 18 you will need your parent’s permission to participate in the show. The director
will require a meeting with the parents prior to rehearsals beginning.

Follow this link for detail on roles available.
School of Rock - Auditions

Sunday November 27th, 5:00-9:00 and Tuesday November 29th, 6:30-10.

Performance dates: February 24-26, March 3-5, 2017
The Downriver Actors Guild is excited to announce auditions for Andrew Lloyd Weber's "School of
Rock" auditions for ages 11-18 year old. (All actors MUST still be in elementary, middle or high
school per the royality requirements.
You must arrive within 1 hours of the start times to be eligible to audition and plan to stay for the
entire time listed.You do not need to attend both days.
Rehearsals will be held on Saturday afternoons and 1 to 2 evenings a week 6:00-8:15. Some of the
older Main roles could be kept a little later occasionally.
We ask that you bring a CD, or music on... your electronic device for accompaniment. The CD or
music track may not contain any vocals. Everyone will take part in the vocal auditions
SCHOOL OF ROCK: Based on the Paramount movie by Mike White, Book by Julian Fellowes, Lyrics
by Glenn Slater, Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
School of Rock is a brand new musical that follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who
decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school.
Completely disinterested in academic work, Dewey decides to create his own curriculum, turning his
class into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band. School of Rock, with its
sensational live kids’ rock band, is a loving testimony to the transforming power of music. May the
spirit of rock be with you!

Principals (Teens to play adults):
Dewey Finn-guitar (B2-E5, also hits E2) MUST play the electric guitar LIVE on stage
Rosalie Mullins-principal of school (B3-D6)
Ned Shneebly-Dewey’s roommate (C3-F#4)
Patty-Ned’s girlfriend (C4-E5)

Kids (to play ages 11-13)
Summer Hathaway (B3-D5, also: A3 and F5)
Tomika (A3-D#5, up to G5)
Zach Mooneyham-MUST play the guitar live on stage (A3-C#5, up to F5)
Freddie Hamilton-MUST play the drums Live on atage(A3-C#5, up to F5)
Katie-MUST play the bass live on stage
Lawrence MUST play the piano/keyboard live on stage
Billy Sandford (B3-C#5, also A3 and up to F5)
Mason Ward

Mrs. Sheinkopf
Mr. Noble
Mr. Green
Gabe Brown
Mr. Sanders
Miss Gordon
Miss Bingham
Mr. Woodward
Mr. Janes
Miss Macapugay
Mr. Wagner

Mr. Mooneyham
Mrs. Hathaway
Mr. Williams
Mr. Spencer
Mr. Sandford
Mr. Ward
Mr. Hamilton
Mrs. Turner
Mrs. Travis
Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2

Note: Teachers, parents, and other characters may be doubled.
here is the link with detailed audition information
please prepare the clips for the role your are auditioning for
Audition Notices