Theatre Immersion Camps are back this summer!  Be in a one act musical where YOU have input to the character development, blocking, costume design and sets as you rehearse and create the production. Be trained by local directors in drama, dance, and voice. Everyone gets a part in the show. An exercise in creativity all around. This is a great environment to push yourself as an actor, try something new, and see how it works out. Together with your cast, create the set pieces, props, and costume pieces. Our Directors
always see a difference in the abilities of performers who have participated in a Theater Immersion Camp.

What is a Theater Immersion Camp?

A show in a week! So much fun that Immersion Camps are one of our favorite programs! An unmatched exercise in teamwork and creativity as the cast works together under the supervision of professional drama, dance and voice coaches to create a one-act musical. The actors have an enormous amount of creative input to the production. Every actor comes to us with a different skill set. We strive to meet them where they are, push them enough that they are proud and feel accomplished, while making sure that they have fun and don't feel stressed.

Day 1- Auditions and acting exercises - Auditions are low key and fun, no preparation is necessary for auditions! They are very similar to the auditions for the two-act musicals. After auditioning, acting and teamwork exercises/games are held. By the end of the day every child knows their part, goes home with their own script, and the music.

Day 2 - The cast brainstorms and plans the sets and props. Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts.

Day 3 - Actors work with Drama, Dance and Voice Coaches to learn their parts. Actors create any sets, props, or costume pieces that they planned on Day 2. Usually this is a messy day, with plenty of paint being used! Any actor who doesn't enjoy the art part of the camp is invited to play theatre games. Often a tough choice!

Day 4 - Finish learning any parts of the show that haven't been covered. Finish creating any art projects that are necessary. Continue rehearsing with drama, dance and voice coaches.

Day 5 - Dress Rehearsal! Perform the show for family and friends in the evening. You will be tremendously proud of this show that you helped create!

Pricing and Information

Only $130.00 (includes script, music, camp, the final performance and a t-shirt)

Camp Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00
- Early drop off starts at 7:30 (additional $15.00 fee-arrangements made in advance)
- Late pick up ends at 5:30 (additional $15.00 fee-arrangements made in advance)

Sibling and multiple camp discounts available.

Camp is held at: Catherine A Daly, Theatre on The Avneue, 2656 Biddle Ave, Wyandotte, MI

All registration is completed online. Online registration will close one week before the start of camps.  To secure your spot payment must be received by the deadline.  

You must have a current 2018/2019 DAG Membership in order to register for camp. If you do not have a current Membership please click the Membership button to complete your membership registration.

All camps are limited to 30 participants.

Camp Descriptions and Registration

June 24 - 28, 2019 ages 5 - 12 yrs (must be able to stay all day)
Final performance is Friday, June 28th at 6:00 pm - Free to attend

Shakespeare not only wrote a wide range of plays and sonnets that touch upon all aspects of the "human condition," he also created words and phrases that are still very much a part of our everyday language. Through the use of an easily memorized rhyming script and a healthy sprinkling of his most famous quotes, this musical serves as the basis for an overview of five well-known Shakespearean plays.


June Camp Registration

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July 15 - 19, 2019 ages 5 - 12 yrs (must be able to stay all day)
Final performance is Friday, July 19th at 6:00 pm - Free to attend

In this delightful story there lives a princess who possesses gifts bestowed upon her by the kingdom's Seven Graces: beauty, wit and charm, grace and elegance, song, dance and good math skills. This musical is full of opportunities for all students to enjoy. A smart and funny script, nine delightful songs, solo opportunities, ensemble and speaking parts. Based on the story “Sleeping Beauty”.


July Camp Registration

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August 5 - 9, 2019 ages 8 - 16 yrs 
Final performance is Friday, August 9th at 6:00 pm - Free to attend

Experience this humorous setting of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes," adapted by the popular writing team of Dave and Jean Perry. Learn about the good-hearted but gullible king who is duped by two cunning scoundrels who weave an invisible suit of clothes which "only the wise can see." The dialog is witty, the songs are clever and fun to sing, and the fully-orchestrated CD is spectacular!


August Camp Registration

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